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On the eve of the 23 anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor and head of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Goethe University of Frankfurt,  Luciano Rezzolla shared his views and assessments in an interview with “Jahon” IA on political, legal and socio-economic reforms carried out in Uzbekistan, as well as the role of Main Law in their implementation.

- The Constitution defines the foundation for state structures’ functioning. This is the legal basis for building a civil society and a guide to achieve the goal of joining the Republic in the number of highly developed countries of the world, stated by the country’s author.

I have been familiar with Uzbekistan for a long time. I am always pleased to visit your beautiful country, where you can witness constant progress and development. It is interesting to observe the processes, taking place in the country, which are changing society and Uzbeks, appearance of towns and villages. More industrial facilities and infrastructure are created.

Speaking about the importance of the Constitution in the implementation of Parliament’s functions, I would like to note that the legislative branch plays an important role in the state’s development and a modern civil society’s formation.

I appreciate measures, taken by Uzbekistan to reform the political and legal sphere, which in particular, provides the transfer of President’s powers to legislative and executive branches. It is a positive step towards the empowerment of the Parliament in the realization of people’s will and desires.

We know that stability in the society can not be provided without freedom of speech, conscience and choice. Needless to say, the achievement of results in this direction can not be immediate; it requires a long time, and the full support of the state. And we see that this approach yields positive results in Uzbekistan.

I would like to say about the great scientific and technical potential of the Republic in the face of youth, who thirst for knowledge and purposeful. Your country will achieve great successes by investing in the younger generation. Political and economic stability, elaborate educational system, wise internal and external policy of the Republic are an important guarantee for success and prosperity of Uzbekistan.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all Uzbek people with the upcoming anniversary of the adoption of the independent state’s Constitution.

Jahon Information Agency, Frankfurt