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The seminar was attended by representatives of the Spanish expert and analytical circles, Ramon Llull University students and teachers.


Participants were provided with detailed information about the historical background of the adoption of our country’s Main Law and its role in the implementation of key reforms in political, economic and social spheres. It was noted that the Constitution of Uzbekistan, which is the basic document of national development, contains the universally recognized principles such as separation of powers, rule of law, commitment to respect and protect human rights and others.


During the discussion, there has been an exchange of views on the role of the Constitution in the modernization of political and economic life in independence years, peace, social stability, inter-ethnic harmony, and full integration of our country into the international community. Workshop participants were interested in the peculiarities of the formation of a multiparty system and democratic elections institution, NGO activities, basic principles of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy. Some of them shared their views in an interview with “Jahon” IA.


- Today, we have learned more about role and importance of the Constitution of Uzbekistan in country’s modern development - said the professor at the University Ramon Llull, Josep Carbonell. - The provisions of the Main Law directed to the process of democratization, as shown by the experience of many countries. I believe that the benchmark for the fundamental principles of the Constitution and democratic values will allow Uzbekistan and its people to overcome the difficult challenges of the transition period, and lay the foundations to develop the rule of law.


In turn, the program director of Casa Asia Institute, Rafael Bueno congratulated the Uzbek people on the landmark date, the 23 anniversary of the Constitution. Spanish expert stressed that the fundamental legal instrument is a guarantee of consistent development, ensuring social, political and economic stability in the country.


- During the seminar, we have also discussed the peculiarities of Uzbekistan at the present stage, which certainly arise from implementation of the key principles enshrined in the Main Law along with the role of the Constitution in building a new state, - summed R.Bueno.


Jahon Information Agency, Madrid