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FIEZ “Navoi”

Chen Zi, a correspondent of the China Daily newspaper (China):

“I have visited several polling stations located in the territory of Bukhara electoral district No 3 for the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They were thoroughly prepared for this important political event. Transparency and fairness are the most important features of democratic elections. Thus all the necessary conditions were created for representatives of political parties and foreign observers directly monitoring voting at polling stations.

“I know special attention to women and children is one of the values of your people. This was confirmed in practice by the fact that rooms for mothers and children had been set up at all the polling stations.

“I visited polling station No 27 located at the Bukhara oil and gas industry vocational college. There I observed the process of preparation for the elections and also familiarized myself with conditions created at the college for training specialists with secondary special education for the oil and gas sector, innovative methods of teaching such subjects as fuel extraction and the use of wind energy.

“Uzbekistan is one of only a few countries with a steadily developing economy. The creation of a favourable investment climate here is of important significance to the development of international ties. There are about 10 Uzbek-Chinese joint ventures working in Bukhara Region. This is a vivid example of cooperation between our countries.